ROHO Quadtro Select - High Profile - 18.5 x 18.5 in - (10 x 10 cell)

Key Features

Select Series cushions set the standard for performance in wheelchair seating. With the ability to customize the fit with the push of a button, the revolutionary ISOFLO® Memory Control offers shape-fitting capabilities while you’re seated. You will no longer have to sacrifice maximum skin/soft tissue protection to get stability, positioning or convenience.

  • Adjustablity: ROHO DRY FLOATATION cushions, unlike foam products, provide the ability to constantly adjust and conform with an individual’s body, now, and as he or she changes throughout the months and years.
  • Adaptability: ROHO DRY FLOATATION cushions support the shifts and movements that individuals make throughout each day.
  • Protection: ROHO is the worldwide leader of seating solutions to prevent and treat pressure injuries including deep tissue injury while providing skin and soft tissue protection.
  • Clinical Evidence: ROHO has been in over 90 scientific and clinical studies to reinforce and verify that a ROHO DRY FLOATATION® cushion heals, treats and prevents pressure injuries including deep tissue injury.
  • ROHO Dry Floatation promotes circulation, and pressure relief whilst flexible neoprene cells reduce shear friction.
  • Quadtro Select cushions employ ISOFLO Memory Control which locks air into compartments to help maintain better postural integrity in addition to pressure reduction.
  • Quick-and-easy air component adjustment maximizes function and utility.
  • Maximum User Weight: Unlimited.
  • Available in High, Mid and Low Profile
  • High Profile (HP): 4.25”(10.5cm) High Cells, Higher pressure disbursement.
  • Mid Profile (MP): 3.25"(8.5cm) High Cells. Combination of stability and pressure dispursement.
  • Low Profile (LP): 2.25”(5.5cm) High Cells, Greater stability.
  • All models include: 2 way stretch cover, Hand pump & Repair kit, Operating Instructions.

Pressure Care Rating

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