ROHO AirLite - 16 x 18 in

Key Features

The AirLITE Cushion improves the ability to transfer by lowering the front and middle of the cushion 3/4 inch (2 cm), while keeping its strong positioning capability by deepening the leg troughs. The lower height also contributes to a greater feeling of security in the chair.

  • Designed for clients with tactile sensation who are at low risk of developing skin breakdown
  • Contoured foam base with an internal sealed air cell provides comfort and support for basic positioning and pressure management needs
  • “Bottom-Out” Protection: The non-adjustable ROHO AIR FLOATATION™ air insert built into the cushion under the ischials has been enhanced to provide better bottom-out protection
  • Softer Foam: Softer foam allows the cushion to conform to the individual’s physiology and provide a more comfortable seating surface
  • Durability and Simplicity: The 24 month warranty shows our confidence in the quality and durability of the product. The AirLITE is an off the shelf, ready to use product. No adjustment is required
  • Heavy Duty Cover: The cover design, with full zipper coverage, provides enhanced fluid resistance to protect the foam. At the same time, the cover is 100% PVC free, reinforcing ROHO’s commitment to more environmentally friendly products
  • All models include: 2 way stretch cover, Hand pump & Repair kit, Operating instructions

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