JAY Cushion - ClimaZone - 14 x 14in

Key Features

Revolutionary construction that reduces pressure using air suspended fibres that promote airflow and integrated Coolover fabric to regulate skin temperature. ItÂ’s the go-to-cushion to manage heat and moisture at the seated surface - also offered for bariatric size and weight capacities.

  • Pressure Management and Microclimate Regulation - The ClimaZone cushion is designed to distribute weight to less vulnerable areas, including a rolled front edge for increased comfort, a performance layer that allows better circulation closer to the skin, and an exceptionally strong combination of foam and air sheet. These features work together to enhance user comfort, reduce pressure on sensitive areas, and promote better overall support for wheelchair users during prolonged sitting. Orientation marking on cushion as well as cover ensure the correct placement.
  • Coolover Cover - Heat and moisture are known to contribute significantly to skin breakdown. Coolover, a special fabric, is designed to help regulate skin temperature effectively. When the skin temperature is higher than the desired level, the Coolover cover helps to drive away excess heat form the skin, while it also facilitates heat retention when the skin temperature is lower, aiming to maintain an optimal temperature of the skin.
  • Managing Micro-Climate - Strong combination of foam and air sheet. Air suspended fibres on top allows a closer circulation to the skin. Available with contoured shaping.


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