Getting help in the bathroom


The type of help someone needs in the bathroom can vary from person to person. It can also change with increased age, illness or just from day-to-day.


Getting help with personal care tasks doesn’t mean losing independence entirely. There are ways to get help while still maintaining privacy and continuing to care for yourself.


Modifying the way you do things or using bathroom mobility aids is often the first step. You may also consider having a carer to help with certain tasks, or even to be there in the event it’s needed.


Bathroom assistance can include helping with:


  • Dressing or undressing
  • Getting into and/or out of the shower or bath
  • Washing in the shower or bath – especially hard to reach places
  • Washing, detangling and drying hair
  • Dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing
  • Physically getting on and off the toilet
  • Clean up and managing clothing after using the toilet


When looking at what help may be needed, consider the overall mobility levels of the individual along with any safety considerations and the frequency of tasks. Safety is important, of course, but so is ensuring that the individual feels supported to do things the way they’d like