Real User Story: How A Lift Recline Chair Has Helped Trudy Recover from Surgery

Read how a lift recline chair has helped Trudy recover from two spine operations.


Many people credit a lift recline chair with elevating their quality of life – whether that’s improved circulation, relief from back or leg pain, posture support, or simply giving them the most comfortable seat in the house.


In fact, many Australians use lift recline chairs in their everyday lives. Like Trudy Vains, who purchased a lift recline chair to help her recover from surgery.


“At 47 years old, I have had two spine operations already. During my post-surgery days, my lift recline chair was the only thing that I could relax in.”


“Even now that I’ve recovered, I love it so much that I use it everyday. I honestly don’t want to sit anywhere else.”


Trudy, who teaches yoga for people with back pain in the Moreton Bay region, says that using a lift recline chair helps her manage her energy levels throughout the day.


“I can move easier because my body feels less tired. And I don’t feel pain when I’m sitting down because I can constantly adjust the chair position as I need.


“Not only can I adjust it to whatever setting I want, but it also brings me up to an almost standing position. Which is safer and easier on my back when getting out of the chair.”


Some of the benefits of a lift recline chair include:


  • Reducing strain associated with standing  from a seated position
  • Promoting circulation when fully reclined
  • Aiding in recovery after an injury or surgery
  • Posture support when seated
  • Reducing carer injuries during transfers


Lift recline chairs can help people with a range of mobility issues associated with disability. For example, someone with muscular dystrophy who may be at risk of falling when getting out of a standard chair. Because a lift recline chair raises the user into a standing position, there may be less risk of fall.


If you’re looking for a lift recline chair, here are a few things to consider:


Control of positioning and options


Lift recline chairs come in three main styles, based on the number of internal motors. These are single motor, dual motor and four motor (sometimes known as quattro). Each motor controls a different section. The more motors, the more sections can be adjusted and the more position options you have.


If you’re after a basic lift recline chair that you can lay back in while still being able to get out safely, then a single motor lift chair offers this. These chairs also tend to be more compact and can be positioned closer to the wall, which is ideal if you only have a small area to place it in.


But most people tend to opt for the dual or four motor option simply because they want more choices when it comes to positioning.


Read more about the differences in lift recline chairs.


Cost and alternatives


There’s no doubt that lift recline chairs offer many benefits. But they are an investment and it’s important to consider your budget when looking for a chair. 


While the upper end of the range offers multi-positioning and a choice of more premium fabrics, lower priced lift recline chairs still offer the great benefits of a sit-to-stand riser and plush, comfortable seating.


If you’re looking for a lift recline chair to help with an issue related to a disability, it’s also possible that the NDIS will fund some or all of the purchase.


If purchasing outright isn’t an option for you, you can look into hiring a lift recline chair. Not only this, hiring a lift recline chair will allow you to test out the features and really understand the benefits for your condition before committing to a purchase.


Read our complete guide to choosing a lift recline chair for more on what features to look for. Or get in touch with our helpful team and we’d be happy to help you learn more about what one is right for you