Single, Dual or Four Motors: What Lift Recline Chair Is Best For You?

The more motors that control individual sections of the lift recline chair, the more positions are available to you. So which should you choose?


When it comes to lift recline chairs, there is no shortage of options to choose from. The wide variety means the right lift recline chair isn’t hard to find. But with so many possibilities, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you.


They look just like a standard recliner, however lift recline chairs are defined by their ability to lift the user into an upright position. This makes getting into and out of the chair so much easier. They’re helpful for people who need extra support while getting up and down. But they’re also ideal for people who want relief from body aches and pains.


Lift recline chairs operate via an internal motor. The type of motor dictates the movement and positions of the lift recline chair. The more motors that control individual sections of the lift recline chair, the more positions are available to you.


“I want to put my feet up for a short rest during the day”


Single motor lift recline chair


A single motor lift recline chair has one fixed motion. With this you’re able to recline the backrest and raise the footrest, as well as lift the chair to assist with seat transfers.


While they don’t offer all the position options as our options below, they are great for someone wanting to be able to just put their feet up while they watch television or take a break throughout the day.


With simple up-down button options, there’s no overthinking things. You’ll be able to get into your favourite position quickly, without having to adjust the controls.


Single motor lift recline chairs also offer more space saving options. So if your room is too small for a larger style lift recline chair, these are a great option.

This: Aspire Signature 2 Lift Recliner Chair


“I want to be able to lift my legs no matter how I’m seated”


Dual motor lift recline chair


If you want more control, take a look at dual motor lift recline chairs. Two motors control separate sections of the lift recline chair – one operates the backrest section and the other the legrest section. With these sections able to operate independently, you have more positions available to you to find your preferred position.


Recline the backrest while keeping your feet in place to lengthen your spine. Lift the leg rest while maintaining an upright position to relieve tired legs and feet. Or fully recline in an almost-flat position to take the weight off and enhance circulation.


This: Aspire Maui Dual Action Lift Recliner Chair


“I want complete control and the ability to get comfortable in any position”


Four motor lift recline chair


Four motors. Endless possibilities. With four separate motors (and corresponding controls) you’ll be able to independently operate the headrest, backrest, legrest and lumbar support functions to find the perfect position for maximum comfort and relief.


Whether you want to watch TV, chat with friends, read a book or take a short nap, a four motor lift recline will get you into the ideal position. The individually adjustable head support means you’ll always have your head in a supported position, even while fully reclined – no more straining to see the TV. The adjustable lumbar support will help you maintain proper posture while seated and relieve tension on the spine.


When you do want to get out of your chair, it’s easy to do with just selecting the “full stand” option.


This: Aspire Da Vinci Lift Recliner Chair


Want to know more? Our helpful guide contains more information to choose the right lift recline chair for you.


Other options to consider in your lift recline chair

Wide or narrow 

The best lift recline chair is one that fits you. Lift recline chairs come in a range of sizes – usually up to four. You’ll want to make sure the seat isn’t too wide or narrow, that the arm rests sit only a little wider than your frame, that your knees bend comfortably and that your feet are flat on the floor with your bottom at the back of the chair when in a standard sitting position.


Fabric choice

You’ll have a few options when it comes to colour and material, depending on the model you choose. Comfort is one consideration – you might like the feel of soft micro-suede or smooth leather. Also think about cleaning – some materials need extra care. And of course, you’ll want to consider your existing decor and what colours will work with it.