Aspire PostureFit Lift Recline Chair - Medium

Key Features

PostureFit Configurable Lift Recline Chairs offer adjustable and adaptable seating and options designed to provide unparalleled postural support and comfort.

  • Head and Neck Support: Whether you want to read, watch TV, or simply relax, the effortless electric headrest adjustment allows for convenient support and positioning of your head and neck which reduces strain.
  • Zero Gravity Tilt in Space: Creates a feeling of weightlessness and effectively redistributes sitting pressure away from vulnerable bony prominences, assists with oedema, and relaxes muscles.
  • Relieve Tired Legs and Enhance Circulation: Independent legrest facilitates leg elevation with heel support. Recline to a comfortable position to reduce limb swelling, improve blood circulation, and alleviate fatigue.
  • Targeted Postural Support and Interchangeable Backrests: All backrest cushions are zipper accessible and able to have filling or support blocks added or removed to customise the comfort and support to suit an individuals unique posture.
  • Air Cushion Technology: Fitted within the seating support is a sectioned air cushion that provides targeted pressure relief and is segmented to ensure upright positioning is maintained.
  • After-Market Cushion Integration: The layered seat structure accommodates after-market pressure care cushions such as ROHO replacing the air cushion where necessary, without compromising chair performance or infection control outcomes.
  • Medical Grade Foam: High density foam allows for prolonged periods of sitting.
  • Integrated Footrest Extension: Suits most user heights without the need to alter the legrest or height of the chair. The leg extension can also be easily removed for users with specific heel care needs.
  • Tool-Free Seating Adjustment: Therapists or carers can quickly and easily make adjustments without the need for any tools.
  • Effortless Mobility and Safety: Directional castors are engaged by activating a rear carer foot pedal. Castors are not in contact with the floor when in a seated position, ensuring stability and preventing accidental tipping or sliding.
  • Transport mode: For safety, all electrical functions are inactivated while castors are engaged to prevent the chair being activated while mobile.


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