Firefly UpSee Walking Support - Small - Blue

    Key Features

    • The Upsee is a mobility harness designed to allow children with motor impairment to stand and move with the help of an adult.
    • It lets children experience the benefits of upright movement, and creates the possibility of social and emotional development by letting children interact with their peers at eye-level.
    • It can be used to work on a variety of mobility and ability skills, from weight-bearing and walking to improving head control.
    • It helps remove social barriers linked with disability that restricts a child's level of participation and functioning.
    • When your child is motivated to explore and move and weight-bear, it creates a real possibility for long-term development.
    • The Upsee kit is made up of three parts: an adult hip-belt, a child harness and shared sandals.

    Special Order - Estimated Lead Time 1-3 months

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