Firefly GoTo Seating Support - Size 2 - Advanced Headrest - Blue

    Key Features

    • GoTo Seat is a lightweight, portable, postural support seat for children with special needs.
    • This multipurpose seat can be used in shopping trolleys (size 1 only), on aeroplanes, in swings, for dining out, playing and floorsitting.
    • A GoTo Seat makes daily tasks easier and keeps your little one involved.
    • Suitable for children aged 1 - 3: size 1 and 3 - 8: size 2.
    • Height adjustable headrest and laterals allow you to reposition your GoTo as your child grows.
    • This lightweight, portable seat is perfect for taking out and about. It folds completely flat, making it suitable for travelling and can be easily stored for it's next use.
    • Standard Headrest shown in image 1 and Advanced Headrest shown in images 2 - 3
    • The GoTo Seat design features:
      • Adjustable lateral supports
      • Choice of headrests - standard or advanced
      • Floorsitter - to keep the seat upright
      • Pressure relief cushion - for added comfort

    Special Order - Estimated Lead Time 1-3 months

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