Benefits of living at home as you get older

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A significant proportion of Australians aged over 65 live at home, with just 1 in 20 living in aged care accommodation. One-quarter of older people are living at home alone.

Beyond a personal preference, there are numerous benefits to older people living at home for as long as possible.


Maintaining independence

Setting your own schedule, having friends and family visit, choosing what to eat and how to spend your time can give people a sense of purpose and self-worth. Being surrounded by your personal belongings and all the memories they hold create a sense of belonging.

This independence can also help older people stay active and mentally alert, which can slow the decline that naturally comes with ageing.


Retaining ties to the community

Living in any place for a while, you begin to develop a routine around the local community. This can mean stopping in at the same cafes and shops, seeing familiar faces on your walk and having regular activities each week.


Staying close to friends and family

Perhaps one of the greatest things about living at home as you get older is that family and friends are able to visit regularly – particularly if they live in close proximity. Neighbours can pop round or chat over the fence and there are people around to check in on you.


Reducing the risk of illness

There are certainly health benefits to living at home, where you are likely to be less exposed to illness and disease. While aged care facilities have strict health standards to protect their residents, living with so many other people, and with visitors coming and going, isn’t without its risks. Living at home means you can control who comes round to visit you and limits your exposure to potential illness.