Falls prevention products


High-Low beds


Issues with balance and mobility can make getting out of bed difficult. High-low beds make transitioning in and out of bed easier. These adjustable beds provide a gradual and supported way to transition from lying down to standing.

The ComfiMotion adjustable beds provide all the features expected of an adjustable bed, including hi-lo positioning, back and leg raise, and zero gravity. Using the various settings, the user can lift themselves into a seated position and then transfer to the floor safely. The modern design fits with any decor and the ComfiMotion Activ Care bed also comes with a built in massage function and battery backup, while the ComfiMotion Care bed includes a press and hold safety handset to enhance usability. The ComfiMotion bed also has a night light feature to make it safer when getting up to use the toilet at night.

The Aspire Lifestyle Community Bed is a simple yet functional bed that offers a unique, transportable design. The optional side rails help prevent rolling out of bed and can be easily lowered out of the way when needed. The attached handset allows the bed to be adjusted by both the user and their carer to find the best position for sleeping, activities and transfers.


Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is one of the most common areas in the home for a fall to occur resulting in hospitalisation. The combination of a confined space, hard surfaces and slippery areas can lead to serious injuries.

Installing bathroom aids can help with balance while moving around the bathroom and carrying out daily activities such as bathing and using the toilet.

Showering is made easier and safer with a shower chair or shower stool. These both provide a sturdy place to sit while washing and drying off. The sturdy frame also helps with balance, providing something to lean on while getting in and out of the shower.

Sometimes called an over toilet aid, a toilet seat surround offers a sturdy frame to lean on for balance and take the pressure off the legs and lower back. Similarly, a toilet seat raiser lifts the height of the toilet to reduce the effort required to stand.

For more on bathroom safety, including falls prevention and bathroom aids, head to our online guide.


Lift Chairs

A lift chair provides assistance to anyone who has difficulty transitioning from a seated to standing position. With touch of the button the chair gently rises and tips forward allowing the user to step out with ease and avoid undue muscle strain.

The ability to nearly fully recline a lift chair also makes it an ideal place to rest during the day, elevating the legs to improve circulation and find a comfortable position that takes the strain off the hips and back.

You can read more about the benefits of lift and recline chairs in our online guide.



Touch Lamps

Not only is fumbling around in the night looking for a light switch frustrating, it can also increase the risk of falling out of bed. Touch lamps are a simple solution to illumination issues, making it easy to simply reach out and switch on the light before getting out of bed.