Using your adjustable bed


For someone spending an extended period of time in bed, it’s so important to create a comfortable, warm and welcoming environment.

Once you’ve chosen your homecare bed, carefully consider where you will position it in the bedroom.  Think about whether you need to make room for mobility aids such as a wheelchair or walking aid. And you might want to place the bed where they can look out of a window, or see into the living room and be part of the goings-on.

Also, think about the placement of other furniture in the room. A side table or low cupboard in arm’s reach can be handy to keep personal items like a phone and glasses. An overbed table can allow the user to eat, read or play games in bed comfortably.

Make sure there is adequate lighting for reading, eating and providing treatment. An app-enabled lamp can be a great way for someone to change the lighting themselves from the comfort of their bed.