Types of adjustable beds


There are a wide variety of homecare beds that have many of the features of a hospital bed. This includes the ability to raise and lower the back, knee and foot sections, as well as adjust the height of the bed. The most common hospital beds for home are now fully electric, but other options are available.

Manual adjustable beds

Manual homecare beds are adjusted using a system of cranks at the end of the bed. This allows the user to be repositioned comfortably as well as raise and lower the bed.

The use of a manual crank does reduce the functionality of the bed. It’s not really convenient for the user to get out of bed to adjust it, so it is generally up to the carer to operate and it can require some strength to operate.

Semi-electric adjustable beds

This option combines both manual and electric positioning. An electric hand control is used to adjust the back and leg sections, which can be done by the user or their carer. A crank system is used to raise and lower the height of the bed.

This option may be suitable if you don’t expect to have to adjust the height regularly. However, the semi-electric homecare bed does limit the positioning options and a carer’s help is needed to operate the crank.

Fully electric adjustable beds

This is the ideal homecare bed, offering easy adjustment by the user or their carer. An electric hand control is used to adjust the back and foot section, as well as change the height of the bed.

The ability to raise and lower the bed using a hand control is the main reason why most people prefer a fully electric homecare bed as it is flexible and offers more independence. 

Modern adjustable beds

One of the concerns about a homecare bed is that it can look like a piece of medical equipment. Understandably, some people want the comfort and flexibility of a hospital bed without the clinical look in their home. 

Luckily, a new range of homecare beds is available that have the flexibility and comfort of a fully-electric bed while blending into your bedroom decor. If you’re concerned about aesthetics and you don’t need all the features offered by a hospital bed, then these are a great option.

When fully-lowered, the homecare bed can look just like a modern bedroom suite and is available in a range of bed sizes. A matching immobile bed can even be placed alongside a single bed, giving the look of a king bed and allowing partners to sleep beside each other.