Benefits of an adjustable bed


As well as supporting a comfortable rest and good night’s sleep, an adjustable bed provides these benefits:


Homecare beds offer a range of positioning options to minimise discomfort and the risk of pressure sores, while providing support for a range of activities.

Homecare beds generally feature back and foot adjustable sections, as well as Trendelenburg lift and variable height. This allows the user to find the most comfortable position for sleeping, resting, and activities like eating and watching television.

Improved Circulation

Homecare beds are ideal for people with circulation issues who may benefit from being able to change positions frequently to prevent swelling. 

Fall Reduction

A homecare bed can reduce the risk of patient falls and injury. By lowering the bed closer to the floor, the risk of serious injury is reduced if the user rolls out of bed. Along with this, the ability to raise or lower the bed makes the transition in and out of bed easier. Additional features like bed rails or a self-help pole offer more safety and support.

Carer Support

For users receiving at home care, the ability to raise and lower the bed allows carers to set the best height for certain activities, such as bathing, administering treatment, or transfers to a wheelchair or other mobility aid.