Real People Share: The Difference an Adjustable Bed Makes

Take a look at this real feedback from real users of adjustable beds and read the benefits for comfort and sleep.


While adjustable beds may traditionally have been seen as something to get as you get older, now more Australians of all ages are seeing the benefits. With the ability to customise your position to suit your sleep style and activities, they are making a difference to the sleep – and lives – of many more people.


“Adjustable bed relieved my back pain.”

The zero gravity position of an adjustable bed is often credited with helping to relieve back pain. In this position, the legs are in an elevated position, with the back raised on a slight angle. As one user said “my back pain is completely gone.”


“My adjustable bed was invaluable for post-surgery recovery”

Surgery, particularly major surgery, is associated with a long recovery frame. Depending on the surgery, this can also mean restricted movement and pain as your body recovers. Thanks to the remote operated movement of an adjustable bed, finding a comfortable sleeping position is much easier. And the hi lo function makes it easier to get out of bed.


“It stops his snoring.”

There might be few things more annoying than lying awake, unable to sleep while your partner snores contentedly beside you. With an adjustable bed you can elevate the upper body. This helps to open up the airways, alleviating snoring and making sure you both get a pleasant sleep. And a split adjustable bed means that your partner can lie flat beside you, if that’s their preferred position.


“I’m a side sleeper and like the option to raise or lie flat.”

A common question is whether adjustable beds are good for side sleepers. While you might assume that back sleepers will get the most out of sleeping on an adjustable bed, side sleepers (that is, someone who sleeps on one or either side) can also benefit.


Of course, everyone will have their own preference, but as a side sleeper you might try raising the backrest slightly to achieve an angled position. This is great if you prefer a high pillow, or are wanting to alleviate reflux.


“I adjust mine daily for reading, sleeping and knitting.”

We get up to all sorts of activities in bed beyond sleeping. Whether you like to wind down by watching a movie, reading a book or knitting a pair of socks, an adjustable bed means reduced back and neck strain. Some adjustable beds, like the Aspire ComfiMotion ACTIV Care Bed, will even save your favourite settings. So with a press of a button you’ll be in your preferred position for whatever you’re doing.


Take a look at our side-by-side comparison of adjustable beds. Or get in touch with our helpful team and we’d be happy to help you learn more about what one is right for you.