Which Adjustable Bed Base is Best for You?

Adjustable beds feature a split base design and electric motor. Let’s take a look at the different types of adjustable beds and what you can expect from each one.


Adjustable beds are showing up in bedrooms right across Australia. With an increased focus on sleep quality as part of overall health and wellbeing, many people are looking for alternatives to the standard bed and mattress in the quest for a good night’s sleep.


This popularity in adjustable beds has also seen an increase in options for the everyday consumer. Previously, adjustable beds were largely designed for clinical settings – and they looked it.


But newer models combine the functionality of a traditional bed with a contemporary style, and the addition of some modern conveniences.


Adjustable beds feature a split base design and electric motor. By toggling the handheld controller, you can raise, bend, tilt and lift the mattress. This allows you to achieve a comfortable position for sleep and other bed-based activities.


Let’s take a look at the different types of adjustable beds and what you can expect from each one.


Adjustable bed basics


Bed size

Adjustable beds come in just about as many sizes as standard beds. This includes long single, king single, long double, queen and king size frames.


If you’re sleeping alone, the choice comes down to personal preference. For couples, you’ll need to decide on whether you what a standard of a split frame adjustable bed.


Standard vs split frame

Standard adjustable beds are just like your regular queen or king bed. You can raise the backrest and feet in various configurations, including zero gravity. But because they’re a single frame, if two people share the same bed there’s no option to customise for each person’s personal preferences.


Split frame adjustable beds feature two long singles (or king singles) mattresses side-by-side. Together, it looks like a king bed (or super king). However, with the ability for each person to adjust their side to suit. This type of set up is ideal if one person likes a raised sleep position while their partner likes to elevate their back only.


Just keep in mind the overall size of the bed and your bedroom space if this is your preferred option.


Hi lo functionality

Not every style of adjustable bed offers hi lo functionality. But it’s one of those features that will ensure your adjustable bed is suitable for many years to come.


With hi lo functionality, you can raise and lower the whole bed base with the press of a button. This makes getting into and out of bed easier, helping to reduce the risk of falls. If you have concerns about your or your loved one’s mobility, this is a feature you’ll want to look for as you’re comparing options.


Mattress compatibility 

Because of the way an adjustable bed bends, not all mattresses are compatible. Make sure you factor this in when purchasing your adjustable bed base.


You can get both compatible pocket spring and memory foam mattresses for your adjustable bed. So what to choose depends on your personal preference and comfort level.


Castors vs fixed legs

Adjustable beds can be much heavier than a standard mattress and base. And while you may not have to move it all that often once set up, if you do ever have to move the bed – say to clean or retrieve a small item that’s fallen underneath – you’ll appreciate the addition of lockable castors in place of fixed legs.


Adjustable beds: this or that


Once you’ve narrowed down your adjustable bed to a particular brand, you’ll want to compare the different features to make your choice.


“I want multiple position options for sleep and relaxation”


Aspire ComfiMotion Relax Bed

All the benefits of an adjustable bed, with a contemporary design to blend easily with any bedroom style.


The Aspire ComfiMotion Relax Bed offers head tilt, back raise, leg raise and zero gravity functions at a fixed height. It comes in a full range of sizes and can be used as a companion bed that sits flush alongside a CARE bed or ACTIVCare bed that has the additional care functions.


The Aspire ComfiMotion CARE Bed offers multiple positioning options, including back raise, leg raise, Trendelenburg and zero gravity as well as hi-lo functionality for safely getting into and out of bed.


It offers a seated position to assist with bed entry and exit (or for that in-bed cup of tea). And comes with a luminous underbed halo, as well as an illuminated handset with a large button interface. 


Safe lowering technology ensures that back and hi lo functions only operate under the force of gravity, reducing the potential and accidents or injuries.


“I want ultimate comfort and support in an adjustable bed”


Aspire ComfiMotion ACTIV Care Bed

Aspire ComfiMotion ACTIV Care Bed delivers the best in positioning support, with added safety features that make this ideal for home-care situations. Contemporary design makes this a true all-rounder for comfort and wellbeing.


The Aspire ComfiMotion ACTIV Care Bed has an ultra low platform height, with 195mm as the lowest setting, helping to reduce fall-related injuries resulting from rolling out of bed, for those at risk of doing so. With a customisable entry/exit height available at a single button press, you can feel confident when getting in and out of bed.


This adjustable bed offers advanced positioning options thanks to the added head tilt function. Watch TV, read or look at your phone in comfort whether sitting upright or laying down.


Memory function allows you to set your preferred position for various activities and return to it at a press of a button. The massage function delivers a relaxing vibration for neck, shoulder and back relief.