Top 5 Kitchen Assistance Aids

Cooking and eating food presents a range of challenges for people with a disability or chronic illness. Modern kitchens are rarely set up to accommodate people with limited mobility and this can make even the most enthusiastic foodie resort to takeaway or frozen meals.


But with the right kitchen assistance aids, preparing and cooking food can be enjoyable. Adaptive kitchen aids are usually small and often quite basic items, but can make things easier. A can opener or cutting knife might not be an obvious purchase compared to a walking frame, but it is likely to be used just as, if not more, often.


If you’re looking for ideas to make food preparation and eating easier, here are our top five kitchen assistance aids to get you started.




Standard cutlery can be difficult to use for people with poor muscle control and handgrip. Adaptive cutlery is specially designed with an extra-wide handle that’s easier to hold and allows people with limited mobility to feed themselves.


You’ll find a range of adaptive cutlery with different features to suit different dexterity needs. Caring Cutlery features a gently contoured handle with a built up end that follows the natural shape of the hand. Supergrip cutlery has a wide ribbed handle that’s suited to people with limited hand function. For people with limited wrist movement, Queens cutlery is ideal with its built-up handle and angled head.



One Touch Openers


For people with limited wrist movement or hand strength, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to get the lid off a new jar of sauce or fiddling with a can opener. 

One touch openers are handy little tools that take all the hard work out of opening cans, jars and bottles. Simply place your device on top of your can, bottle or jar, press the button and it will ‘walk’ around, allowing you to lift the lid off easily.

For ring pull cans, the Can Opener Pull is a durable device that you’ll reach for day after day. Just hook the end under the ring then roll forward and back to release the pull.



Aspire Meal Tray Walker

The Aspire Meal Tray Walker is ideal for those needing mobility assistance to move around the kitchen; to collect ingredients and utensils and transport meals and other items from one room to another. But it can be used for more than that. Wheelchair users or people who have difficulty standing can use the tray walker as a food preparation station – allowing them to cut and prep ingredients, move between bench and stovetop, and even store regularly used kitchen tools on the bottom shelf.



Reflex Cutlery Knives


These adaptive knives feature a specially designed, ergonomic handle for people with a weak grip and limited arm power. By changing the position of the wrist and arm, these knives offer greater control and help reduce muscle strain.


There are a range of knives to suit the main kitchen preparation tasks, including a slicing knife, carving knife, chefs knife and preparation knife. And they are dishwasher safe, for easy cleanup.



Food Preparation System


Many food preparation tasks require the use of two hands, which can be difficult for people who have difficulty gripping or who have limited use of one side of their body.


The food preparation system features a sturdy chopping board and sections to hold food items in place. The clamp helps to secure large vegetables, bread and other food while slicing and cutting, while the spikes hold smaller items in place to dice and chop. Non-slip rubber feet and suction pads help to hold the board in place while in use.



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