PAWS Power Assisted Wheelchair Systems - Tourer - Standard Hand Control

Key Features

  • The PAWs device will fit most fixed front frame wheelchairs, it is NOT suitable to use with swing-away footrests. If you are unsure please call us to confirm.
  • If you are not familiar with the set-up of this product please opt for the preassembled or click and collect option.


  • PAWS Tourer has the longest wheelbase so while the big wheel overcomes roots and uneven terrain, it is also makes a smooth ride while touring.
  • PAWS Tourer is the true off-road stager. With a 20” wheel and 4” fat tyre, you will easily get to places that would be difficult for other models.
  • Designed primarily for off-road purposes, it is not afraid of sand, gravel, stones.. Get your PAWS in the dirt!
  • Optional Tetra Controls allow you to drive easily, even with diminished upper extremity strength and control.
  • With PAWS your manual wheelchair becomes an exciting vehicle, allowing you to be independent when getting to work, going shopping, or on a trip.
  • It combines ergonomics and functionality with good looks.
  • Every PAWS creates its own story of freedom – meet family and friends, participate in more activities together or go for a solo adventure.
  • When choosing PAWS you can customise the set up with different configurations of clamps, steering, wheels, and accessories for optimal use and fit – especially beneficial for quadriplec/tetraplegic users.
  • With Auto Lift, you don’t need to use upper body strength to connect PAWS with the wheelchair. Auto Lift will automatically connect you to driving position.
  • PAWS comes with a variety of speed modes (*maximum speed is 10 km/h).
  • PAWS has an IP54 waterproof rating so is not afraid of rain, puddles and moisture. Go on, get PAWS out!
  • The Lithium Ion battery only needs up to 5 hours to be fully charged.
  • On a full charge you can reach a range of up to 40 km (depending on terrain, driver weight and model chosen).
  • An IATA compliant ”flying” battery is also available for when you take your PAWS on a flight.
  • With Automatic Easy Clamps just roll your wheelchair into the clamps and press the button for automatic clamping and lifting to the driving position. From Start to go in 12 seconds!

Control Type

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