Benefits of a Lift and Recline Chair

There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon in your favourite comfy chair reading a book or watching the television.

But if you have trouble sitting or standing up due to health issues or recent surgery, getting in and out of that chair can be a problem.

Looking just like a regular recliner, an electric lift chair provides valuable assistance to anyone who has difficulty transitioning from a seated to standing position. With a simple touch of the button the chair gently rises and tips forward allowing the user to step out with ease and avoid undue muscle strain. 

There are several terms used to describe a lift chair, including lift and recline, Powerlift and electric lift chairs. While the features may vary, there are numerous general health and therapeutic benefits for the lift chair user.


Reduce strain when standing and sitting

Getting in and out of a chair can be challenging and dangerous for many people, such as the elderly, disabled, and people recovering from injury. The main advantage of a lift and recline chair is that it can reduce strain caused by transitioning from a standing position to a seated one and vice versa.

Thanks to their powerful motors, these chairs can lift you to a near standing position to make the process of getting up and out of the chair easier. Additionally, lift chairs can also help you sit down and recline in complete comfort while reading, napping or watching tv.

As using a lift chair will often eliminate the need for a carer to assist when transitioning from sitting to standing, it can allow you to gain back your independence while also avoiding the risk of injury from falls and muscle strain. 


Promote circulation

Thanks to the leg elevation provided by lift and recline chairs, these seats can aid in the promotion of circulation and help get your blood moving through your legs and body. Likewise, they can also reduce swelling caused by fluid retention and mitigate the risk of varicose veins developing in your legs.

To obtain these circulatory benefits you just need to select the right chair and use it in a particular manner. A lift chair that fully reclines to elevate your feet to 8.5cm to 10cm above heart level provides optimal results. Once in the correct position with your feet elevated your legs should begin to feel lighter and more relaxed. As the blood flows out of your veins, any built up pressure from the day will subside and provide relief from discomfort.


Aid recovery

Following surgery or an injury tasks that were once simple, such as getting in and out of a chair, can become challenging and even dangerous. Whether you have a brace, cast, surgical sutures or are experiencing pain, standing up and sitting down can be a difficult process for many patients.

A lift chair can aid in your recovery by reducing the strain placed on your body when standing up and sitting down, allowing you to regain your independence faster. Additionally, many lift chairs can also aid in recovery due to their ergonomic design, full spine support and the multitude of positions offered.


Posture support

Unlike regular seats, which can be harsh on your body and joints, lift and recline chairs are gentle and can aid in posture support. Thanks to their functionality and design, these chairs can reduce lower skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration. Therefore, they may help you to maintain muscle tone and prevent injury.

To ensure the best benefits for your posture and health, selecting a high-quality and supportive lift chair, such as those from Mobility HQ, is essential. As you will likely spend a significant amount of time in your chair during the period you own it, purchasing one that is durable, comfortable and well constructed is a smart investment.

Lift chairs featuring adjustable support will also allow you to continuously promote good posture even if your needs change.


Reducing carer injuries

If you have a carer to assist you with daily tasks and activities, their health and safety are of utmost importance. One of the most critical points in daily care is transitioning from a chair to a mobility aid or bed, carers can experience back injury or muscle strain as a result of incorrect transfer techniques. A lift chair makes transfers easier by reducing the lifting the carer must do, minimising the risk of strain or injury.

Looking for a lift and recline chair for yourself or a loved one? Read our comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to help you find the right one to make sitting and standing easy.