Dementia Care Products to Create a Safe Home Environment

Dementia is a serious degenerative disorder that currently affects around 342,800 Australians. With no known cure, a diagnosis of dementia can be confronting, not just for the individual but also for their loved ones.

However, increased research into the disease and its effects has meant a greater understanding about how to ease the suffering of people with dementia and help them maintain their quality of life.


The symptoms of dementia


Dementia affects each person differently, although common symptoms include:

  • memory loss, particularly short-term

  • increasing confusion

  • lack of concentration

  • difficulty following conversations

  • issues with depth perception, balance and coordination

  • apathy or loss of interest in hobbies

  • personality or behaviour changes


People with dementia can also find it hard to follow instructions or carry out daily tasks. They begin to see the world around them differently and may find it hard to make decisions.

Creating a safe environment at home


Creating a safe and comfortable environment at home plays an important role in the quality of life for a person with dementia. Because dementia affects how someone perceives the environment around them, any changes should be made gradually to avoid causing anxiety.

Minor adjustments around the home can not only improve safety but can also help your loved one maintain their independence and reduce their reliance on carers. Simple things like reducing clutter, improving pathways through and between rooms, ensuring regularly used items are visible and accessible, and having clear signs to aid cognition can help.

There are a number of resources and aids to help people with dementia and their loved ones to understand and manage the symptoms. It can be helpful to create a list, starting with the main areas of the home and the most common tasks, looking to see how you can manage symptoms and improve safety and comfort.


Dementia care products

These simple and affordable dementia products can help manage symptoms, reduce anxiety and increase comfort.


Calendar clock

People with dementia can find it difficult to process time and date information. A clock with a large display can make it easier to focus on the relevant information.

Look for a clock that also shows the day and date. Research suggests that people orient themselves by the day of the week, so having the day clearly displayed reduces anxiety and reliance on carers. Pair this with a large calendar so your loved one can see key dates and appointments and feel more in control of their life.

Glowing light strips

Dementia affects cognition, including depth perception and balance. Dementia sufferers are more likely to fall. And low light conditions are particularly risky.

Glow in the dark tape is a simple but effective tool to aid movement in low light conditions. It can be used to mark light switches, as well as hazards that may not be visible in the dark.

Tap turners

Tap turners provide added leverage to taps, making them easier to turn on and off. Red and blue tap turners also make it simpler to identify the hot and cold taps, reducing the risk of scalds.

Mattress protectors

Incontinence can be caused by dementia, whether as a result of bladder control or because the sufferer simply forgets to use the bathroom. A mattress protector helps to prevent staining of the mattress, and also makes it easier to clean up accidents.

Chair pads can also be used on a favourite armchair to protect the surface from spills and make cleaning easier.

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