Mobility Support Bundle

Key Features

The Mobility Support Bundle is the perfect mobility duo; bundle includes the Aspire AssistBar and Aspire Swivel Cushion.


The Aspire AssistBar is the perfect solution for those needing that little bit of extra help when getting in and out of the car. Insert the steel end into the locking mechanism of the car door frame, and the AssistBar becomes a stable handle for support and assistance.

  • Promotes safe entry and exit from vehicles.
  • Compatible with most cars.
  • Glass breaker and seatbelt cutter for emergency situations.
  • Provides a stable support handle during transfers.


The Aspire Swivel Cushion provides a low friction pivot making it easy sit and swivel entry and exit from vehicles

  • Minimises exertion and the likelihood of injury, and improves the angle of access to or from mobility equipment
  • Plush velour fabric and generous padding for maximum comfort on long car trips
  • Machine washable

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