Smart Scooter Accessories for Safety and Comfort

Mobility scooters give you the freedom to get where you want to go, on your own terms. For people with health or mobility issues who are unable to drive or walk long distances, they offer independence.

The Aspire mobility scooter range includes smaller models that fit into the boot of your car through to heavy-duty mobility scooters that can navigate hills and travel distances of up to 50km on a single charge.

Once you’ve found the right mobility scooter for you, you’ll want to make the most of it. Knowing how to operate your mobility scooter safely and finding the right accessories will keep you on the right track and cruising in comfort.

Need help choosing the right mobility scooter? Our Buyer’s Guide to Mobility Scooters provides an overview of the different types of mobility scooters and what to consider before you buy.



Know the limits of your mobility scooter

While a mobility scooter is a relatively safe way to get around, it’s important to remember that it is a powered device and there are risks involved when using it.

Every mobility scooter is different so you should make sure you know the capabilities of your particular make and model. Familiarise yourself with the operating instructions and practice so you can stop quickly in an emergency and avoid hazards. 

Before you set out, plan out your journey and make sure it’s within range for your mobility scooter.  While some mobility scooters are capable of handling hills and uneven terrain, others are more suited to flat ground and smooth surfaces.

Make sure your battery has enough charge and consider carrying a backup battery with you if it’s a fair distance.

Depending on where you’re going, you may also be able to charge somewhere along the way. Mobility HQ’s retail partner Aidacare offers charging stations across our network of stores.

To make it easier to get around, we recommend exploring our range of ramps. The selection includes edge barrier ramps for use on kerbs and single steps around your home, along with lightweight ramps to help when out and about.



Know where you can use your mobility scooter

While mobility scooters are generally able to go anywhere pedestrians can, there are some exceptions for where you can take them. Due to their size, you may not be able to use them in small or crowded spaces, where you might have difficulty maneuvering or can cause a hazard. As they’re not considered a motor vehicle, you can’t use them on the roads – except when crossing or where there isn’t a suitable footpath.

In most cases, you won’t need to register your mobility scooter. The exception is if you live in Queensland, which requires mobility scooter registration if you intend to use it outside. But check the regulations in your state before you buy a mobility scooter, as these can change.



Be aware of other people and vehicles

Because mobility scooters are designed to go wherever pedestrians can go, you’ll often be sharing pathways with walkers, runners, dogs, prams and even bikes. Maintaining awareness of those around you is essential whenever you’re operating your mobility scooter.

Avoid making any sudden stops, starts or turns without first checking for people around you. Attaching a mirror to your mobility scooter can make it easier to see what’s coming up behind you.

Also, think about ways to make you and your scooter visible to others. Pay particular attention when crossing driveways, moving through car parks or crossing roadways. Check the lights are working and be sure to use them during the evening and early morning. A mobility scooter flag can also alert road users and pedestrians to your presence.



Know your own limits

Before heading out on your scooter, check the weather and make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Having a few layers you can take on or off as needed can help you stay comfortable throughout the day. On those days when the weather is uncertain, a sun shade and rain cover can be a great addition to keep you protected from the elements.

Just like any other powered vehicle, you shouldn’t use your mobility scooter if you’re feeling tired, unwell or have been drinking. If you’re out and about and find yourself unable to keep going, arranging a Maxi taxi can be a great option instead of trying to push on. 



Make the most of your scooter with smart accessories

Our extensive range of mobility scooter accessories is designed to help you get the most out of your new ride.

These accessories are designed to add comfort and convenience to your scooter and keep your essentials close at hand. The selection includes holders for a cane, crutch or walking frame, an oxygen bottle holder, bags and baskets, and even a cup holder for your drink of choice.



If you need help deciding which accessories are suitable for your scooter, chat with the team at Mobility HQ.