Lift Recline Chair Care and Maintenance: How to Get The Most Out Of Your Chair

Having a regular cleaning schedule and following some simple steps will ensure you get the most out of your lift recline chair for many years.


Lift recline chairs use motors to move the chair through a range of positions – from fully-reclined to standing. There may be as many as four motors operating to adjust the backrest, headrest, legrest and lumbar support. 


With so much happening beneath the seat, it’s essential that regular maintenance is carried out to keep things running smoothly. Having a regular cleaning schedule and following some simple steps will prevent most major issues from occurring, and will ensure you get the most out of your lift recline chair for many years.


Get the most out of your lift recline chair

Even before you get your lift recline chair home, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Start by deciding where you would like to place your chair within your living room or bedroom.


You’ll need to be close to a power outlet so you can plug your lift recline chair in. Importantly, you’ll want to make sure that your power cord isn't placed where someone could trip over it. If needed, an electrician can install a new power outlet if there isn’t one close to where you want to put your lift recline chair.


Once you’ve decided where you’ll place your lift recline chair, make sure you clear enough space around it. Review the specifications for your lift recline chair when it’s fully reclined so you can make sure there’s enough clearance behind and in front. Finally, remove floor rugs that might get caught up in the mechanism.


When you get your lift recline chair home, make time to review the user manual. While it’s not the most engaging literature, it’s important to understand how your particular chair works and anything you need to be aware of. In particular, pay attention to the controls and what each button does. Depending on whether you have a single motor, dual motor, or four motor lift recline chair, there can be upwards of ten buttons on the control panel.


Play around with the controls, testing out the different functions and seeing how various positions feel. This is why you bought your lift recline chair, after all.


Cleaning your lift recline chair

Your lift recline chair is likely going to live in the area of the house where you and your guests spend the majority of their time. As with anything sitting in a high-traffic area, you’re going to need to clean it a bit more regularly. 


In particular, dust can build up in the motorised parts of the lift recline chair. Over time, this can slow down the operation and cause damage.


Vacuum regularly around your lift recline chair to stop dust from making its way underneath. Clean the power cord and transformer box by unplugging the lift recline chair then wiping over with a clean, dry or lightly dampened cloth. Wipe down the hand control at the same time. Make sure everything is completely dry before plugging the cord back in.


Cleaning the fabric of your lift recline chair

Lift recline chairs come in a range of upholstery fabrics and you’ll want to check your user guide on the best way to clean your particular fabric. To keep it clean, vacuum the entire lift recline chair regularly with an upholstery attachment. Look out for any pulls, tears or gaps that might need to be repaired. While you can spot clean marks with water using a clean, soft cloth (an old cotton T-shirt or microfibre cloth is ideal), a number of fabrics recommend dry cleaning only and spot cleaning only when absolutely necessary.


You can help maintain the life of your fabric and prevent spots by using a lift recline chair protector


Service and maintenance 

Your lift recline chair will need routine maintenance checks by a technician to make sure the internal parts are working as they should and identify any potential problems before they get too big. Lift recline chair servicing will include things like:

  • Checking for frayed or damaged cords
  • Checking the mechanisms are moving freely and lubricating as needed
  • Checking the backup battery is intact and working properly
  • Checking the controls operate properly
  • Checking that the cushions are firm and haven’t sagged or shifted
  • Checking the fabric for holes, tears or other damage


You’ll receive a recommended service timeline when you first get your lift recline chair. But if you find at any time your lift recline chair isn’t working as you expect, get in touch with a recommended service technician for assistance.


At Mobility HQ we’re here to help you get the most out of your lift recline chair. If you have any questions about using it, servicing or your warranty, reach out to us and we’ll happily help.