Top Falls Prevention Products for Seniors at Home

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury for people aged over 65 and most falls happen in and around the home. However, with the proper precautions and falls prevention products, you can reduce the risk of slips, falls and trips, and maintain your independence.

Grab Bars and Rails


Grab bars and rails provide support when navigating tricky areas around the home like the bathroom or front steps.


Options include permanent grab bars and rails, which are screwed into the wall with the help of a professional, as well as temporary grab bars that work by being suctioned or clamped into place.


Suction grab rails are ideal for use in wet areas where some extra support is needed, such as getting in and out of the bath. The flexible heads mean they can be attached to corners or the side of the tub with ease, and easily removed without permanent damage.


Bathroom Aids


Slippery areas like the bathroom can lead to an increased risk of slips and falls. The tight space can also make it tricky to maneuver while carrying out self-care tasks.


Bathroom aids help to reduce the likelihood of a fall by providing a steady surface to sit or hold onto while showering, toileting and getting ready. 


The Aspire Shower Chair is a lightweight, sturdy chair designed to provide stability in wet areas. Its moulded seat provides postural support while seated while the raised armrests aid in getting on and off the chair. 



Mobility Aids


As we age, our body naturally experiences changes which can often make it more difficult to stay on our feet while walking or standing. And with the majority of slips, trips and falls at home occurring on flat surfaces, mobility aids can offer that additional support and stability while moving about.


The Vogue Carbon Fibre Seat Walker is lightweight and versatile with a highly maneuverable frame that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The seat walker provides support while moving about and can reduce the risk of falling by providing a sturdy frame to lean on. The dual hand brakes prevent unwanted movement while the lockable wheels allow it to be used as an occasional chair as well.


Weighing in at under 5kg, it’s great for everyday use and with the ability to fold down flat for transport, it’s also an ideal travel companion. 



Adjustable Beds


Statistics show that the risk of experiencing a fall while getting in or out of bed increases as we age.


An adjustable bed offers the necessary support and safety features to make transitioning in and out of bed easier while reducing the risk of falling. These adjustable beds provide a gradual and supported way to transition from lying down to standing. 


Adjustable beds are available in a range of styles. Some, like the ComfiMotion adjustable beds, provide all the features of a high-low bed while being styled to look like a modern bedroom suite. These beds come with hi-lo positioning, back and leg raise, and zero gravity options, along with features such as a built-in USB charger, and night light to make it safer when getting up to use the toilet at night.


For something simple yet functional, the Aspire Lifestyle Community Bed is a great option. The slimline, transportable bed comes with optional side rails that help prevent rolling out of the bed along with a handset that allows the bed to be adjusted by both the user and their carer.


For more on falls prevention around the home and what equipment may help, read our Buyer’s Guide to Falls Prevention