Safety in the bathroom


Creating a safe bathroom environment is essential to making those daily tasks as pleasant as possible.

Bathroom safety is not just about using mobility aids; it’s also about making the experience positive for you or your parent. Some things you can do to make bathing and showering safe are:

  • mopping up excess water and other spills immediately with a cloth to avoid slips
  • setting the hot water temperature to 40C to avoid scalds
  • making sure the bathroom is well lit, especially at night
  • placing shampoo, soap and other toiletries where they can be reached easily
  • keeping the floor clear of clothes, towels, bathroom scales and other items
  • establishing a routine for showering or bathing, and avoiding difficult tasks while tired, rushed or stressed
  • eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of fluids to prevent falls caused by fatigue and dehydration
  • maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, with plenty of movement and exercise to keep your muscles strong and flexible
  • making sure any clothing you wear in the bathroom isn’t too long, which could cause a trip hazard

    Specific modifications, additions and accessories can also be used to make showering and bathing safer and more comfortable.