Staying safe


Before you head out on any trip, check your battery is fully charged and everything is properly secured. Just like any vehicle, you should not use your mobility scooter if you’re feeling tired, unwell or have been drinking.

If you’re travelling outside, you’ll want to be seen by traffic and other pedestrians. Use your lights if your mobility scooter has been fitted with them. You can also add an orange safety flag for additional visibility. Make sure you don’t overload your mobility scooter with too many accessories or bags, and anything you carry does not obstruct your view or ability to use the controls.

Finally, plan your route and know where you’re going. If you can, avoid busy roads and narrow pavements and try to cross the road at marked pedestrian crossings or traffic lights.

And if you’re going to be taking your scooter out for long trips, you should consider breakdown coverage. The RACV offers a roadside breakdown service for a low annual fee. If you’re interstate, check with your state breakdown service about what’s available where you live.