Using your commode

Once you’ve chosen the right commode, it’s important that you make adjustments to use it safely and comfortably.

The first step is to adjust the height to suit the user. You should also familiarise yourself with the function of the commode, and how to operate the brakes it it’s a mobile commode.

To use your shower commode, remove the bedpan and swing the leg rests away, if possible. Make sure the brakes are locked before moving the user into the seat.

When used over the toilet, push the chair backwards so it sits over the bowl. You may also want to put the toilet seat up first for better clearance.

In the shower, you can choose to wheel the user in backwards or front-facing, depending on their preference and what washing is needed. The shower commodeshould be dried after use and stored in a dry environment.

Place a bedside commode, close to the bed where it is easily accessible but won’t be in the way. After use, remove the bowl, using the included lid and handle, then empty into the toilet and clean thoroughly.