Using your lift chair


When you get your lift chair home, you’ll want to ensure you get the most out of it. First, consider how much space you’ll need around the chair. Ensure you have a clear space in front for you to stand up without tripping. Also, make sure you have adequate clearance behind the chair and the wall when it’s in the full recline position.

If you use a walking aid or wheelchair to move around, clear some space so you can keep it next to your chair while you’re seated. And of course, to make things more convenient, consider having a small table nearby for things like water or a cup of tea.

Think about how you’ll spend your time when seated. Do you prefer to watch television, in which case angle the chair so you can see the screen without glare? Or perhaps you like to read or knit, so natural light during the day and a good reading lamp are essential to avoid eye strain.

Avoid the power cord being a trip hazard by placing your chair near a power point. If there is no suitable power point an electrician can install one for you.

To enjoy your lift chair for many years check the power cord regularly and keep it away from liquids, pets and children. Inspect the fabric regularly for tears or pulls. To clean your chair, use a mild fabric cleaner and gently dab at the area.

The addition of a chair pad can make clean up easier, especially if spills or incontinence is a concern.

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