Using your wheelchair


When you first get your wheelchair home, take some time to make the necessary adjustments for comfort and fit. This might include raising or lowering the height of the seat, adjusting the angle of the wheels and moving the feet plate. Ensure you know where the brakes are and how to apply them. And practice getting in and out of the wheelchair, with or without assistance.

If you’re using a motorised wheelchair, familiarise yourself with the controls and practice moving forward, turning and reversing on a clear, flat surface.

Consider where you’ll store your wheelchair when it’s not being used. If you have a motorised wheelchair, you’ll need to have handy access to a powerpoint so you can charge it between uses.

It’s important you have insurance to protect against damage, theft and loss. Your current home and contents policy may cover you – although not all policies will extend to use outside of the house and some providers will require an additional premium. Otherwise, shop around for separate wheelchair insurance. Make sure your policy covers theft and damage to your wheelchair, as well as damage to other people or property.

Your wheelchair should be serviced regularly. Motorised wheelchairs should be serviced annually, while manual wheelchairs should be serviced in line with use. Aidacare offer wheelchair servicing and repairs – contact 1300 133 120 to find your local service centre.