Travel Wheelchair


Lightweight and able to be folded up, a travel or transit wheelchair is an ideal option for people who need to use a wheelchair infrequently or for only short periods of time. These wheelchairs have an ultralight frame and small wheels, making them easy to lift and fold into the boot of a standard car.

A travel wheelchair also makes a good second wheelchair for those times when your standard wheelchair or mobility aid isn’t convenient. For example, when you’re going on holiday you may arrange to hire a motorised wheelchair or mobility scooter on arrival, so you only need a small wheelchair in transit. As these wheelchairs require a carer to push them, they aren’t suitable for people who want to be able to propel themselves.

Features to look for

  • Lightweight frame for easy lifting
  • Simple to fold for transport
  • Small size to allow maneuverability around the home
  • Height adjustable to suit different users
  • Comfortable handles for carer to push