Types of shower and bedside commodes


Shower and bedside commodes can vary, depending on the included features. When choosing a shower or bedside commode, it’s important to consider how these features will benefit the user and their carer.

Attendant propelled shower commode

These shower commodes feature lockable wheels and a handle that allows them to be pushed into place by a carer. These are a common choice for care homes and are suited to patients who are unable to propel themselves, or for use in tight areas where more maneuverability is needed.

Self-propelled shower commode

Shower commodes can also be adapted to have wheelchair wheels, enabling the user to propel themselves. Because the user is able to maneuver themself into the bathroom and shower, this gives them greater independence and privacy.

Free-standing toilet aid

A free-standing toilet aid features stationary legs rather than wheels to give a stable seated position for the user. It is designed to be placed over the toilet or in the shower and can also be modified to have a bedpan, allowing it to be used in the bedroom.

Bedside commode

These commodes are designed to blend into the decor. The seat can be raised to access to commode, but when lowered it can be used as an everyday bedroom chair. The bowl is placed on a rack below, which can then be easily removed for emptying and cleaning.