Find The Best Mobility Scooter for Your Lifestyle

Getting around with ease is something we all want, regardless of age or mobility challenges. For many, mobility scooters are essential to this freedom of movement, allowing them to take part in all sorts of activities, whether that’s a trip to the supermarket, a catching up with friends or an amble around the neighbourhood.


Mobility scooters are as diverse as the people who rely on them. From compact travel scooters designed for quick errands to rugged outdoor models built for exploration, the choices are vast and varied. Choosing the right mobility scooter to suit your unique needs can be challenging.


Whether you're a seasoned mobility scooter user looking for an upgrade or a first-time buyer searching for the perfect fit, it’s important you find one that fits in with your lifestyle.


“Living in the city, I want a mobility scooter that’s easy to take out and about.”


Folding Mobility Scooter

Folding mobility scooters are a popular option because of their versatility and how easy they can be to take with you. They’re ideal for people for whom space is limited. Think, someone living in a small apartment, or who’s day out involves lots of public transport and going to (crowded) venues to socialise.


One of the major advantages of a folding mobility scooter is how quickly they can be set up. If you’re someone who uses rideshare services or taxis, for example, you’ll find it’s extremely quick to fold down and place in the boot, to then head to your next destination.


Because of their sleek, narrow frame, folding mobility scooters are great for busy areas. They have good manoeuvrability to get around tables or move through crowds of people. They can also be used outdoors. However, with their smaller wheels they are best used on flat, even surfaces.


Folding mobility scooters also tend to be on the lighter side, compared to other types of mobility scooters. But it’s important to check the total weight of the scooter and consider how easy it is to lift when folded down.


This: Pride Mobility Scooter - Quest Folding


“I am looking for a mobility scooter I can bring when I travel.”


Travel Mobility Scooter

Travel mobility scooters share many of the same characteristics as folding mobility scooters – and in fact, folding mobility scooters are also suited to travel.


But where folding scooters fold down for transport or storage, travel mobility scooters actually come apart into a number of different sections. This does mean you’ll spend a little more time getting set up or packing down. But the benefit is the separate parts weigh no more than 10-15kg, making them far easier to lift.


Travel mobility scooters are a great option for frequent travellers. The majority of airlines will accept them as cargo luggage. And you can find travel mobility scooters with good suspension, for outdoor events and cobblestone paths.


This: Pride Mobility Scooter - GoGo LX4


“I want a mobility scooter to get around the neighbourhood more efficiently when shopping or walking the dog.”


Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

While all mobility scooters can be used outdoors, a heavy-duty mobility scooter is going to allow you to travel longer distances around the neighbourhood and handle frequent errands.


While the category of heavy-duty mobility scooters is broad, generally you’ll find it includes sturdier models that are capable of making trips of 40 km or more. Heavy duty mobility scooters also tend to have a higher safe working load. So, they’re suited to people with larger frames, and can also hold shopping and additional mobility aids or accessories.


The larger battery, wider wheel base and large knobby tires mean heavy duty mobility scooters are able to tackle hilly and uneven ground. Lighting on the front and rear also makes them suitable for all sorts of conditions.


So, if you live on a sloping street, have limited public transport options, and/or want something sturdy, then a heavy-duty mobility scooter is an option to consider.


This: Aspire Mobility Scooter - HS898 Deluxe HD


Consider your lifestyle when choosing a mobility scooter


A key consideration when choosing a mobility scooter is what your desired lifestyle looks like. Not just what you do now. But what you’d like to do, with access to a new form of transportation.


If you don’t currently have a mobility scooter or similar mobility aid, you might be limited in your current activities. But a mobility scooter represents freedom and enhanced independence. With one, you may be able to do things you’re not currently able to do, with or without assistance.


So, think about what your desired lifestyle looks like. Then consider the type of mobility scooter that would best help you achieve that.


Want to know more? Our helpful Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide contains more information on choosing the right mobility scooter for you.