The Bestselling Mobility Aids For 2024

Around 30% of Australians have a disability or a long-term chronic health condition. And a large number of these people need assistance with daily self-care, mobility or communication.

Mobility aids are just one of the means that people with a disability or health condition can use to carry out daily tasks and stay active. In fact, the range of assistive products is extensive and encompasses the tried-and-true and brand new technology.

Mobility HQ is one of the biggest providers of mobility products in Australia. We offer assistive devices to support people with a range of mobility and chronic conditions. 

But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To help you out, we’ve gathered 10 of our best selling mobility aids for 2024. 


Aspire Classic 6" Walker and Aspire Classic 8" Seat Walker

A walker assists people with balance or mobility issues to stay active and get around with minimal assistance.

The Aspire Classic 6” Walker and Aspire Classic 8” Seat Walker are our two bestselling walkers – and for good reason. Both have a lightweight frame and ultra-soft handbrakes that require minimal effort to walk, stand and stop. The handles have been designed to conform to the hand and wrist with minimal strain for people with arthritis.

The padded seat makes a comfortable place to rest when needed and it lifts up to offer storage space underneath. 


What our customers say:

“We recently purchased this walker on behalf of my 96-year-old father. He finds it sturdy and reliable, giving him confidence in getting around, enhancing his independence and decreasing the possibility of falling.” – Viv Jackson



Pick Up Reacher

This simple aid is invaluable for reaching and picking things up without bending or stretching. Its lightweight yet sturdy design makes it ideal for all sorts of situations, from grocery shopping, cooking, gardening and light housework. The short trigger action is ideal for people with arthritis or poor grip strength.

Available in four different lengths to suit your preferences.


What our customers say:

“An excellent sturdy reacher, that I use frequently and continue to find more activities/chores that it assists me with. I even take it with me to bed, as it’s wonderful for pulling bed linen up and down and reaching for objects without dangerously overstretching. I particularly appreciate the non-slip claw, its solid construction and the ease of using the trigger.” – Judi Tibbles



One Touch products

The One Touch products are handy little devices that make opening jars, bottles and cans simple. The range of products includes a can opener, jar opener and bottle opener. 

Simply place over your desired jar, bottle or can and with the touch of a button the lid twists off. These tools are battery-operated, making them easy to take wherever you need them.


What our customers say:

“This bottle opener is a great help to us! With just a press on the button, the opener starts its journey towards the lid and then twists it open! With arthritis in the hands it is a great help.” – Sandra Verrender



Toilet Surround - Aluminium

A simple yet sturdy mobility aid that makes toileting easier and safer. The frame sits around a standard toilet and provides support while getting on and off the toilet. Non-slip feet provide stability in wet areas while the adjustable frame makes it suitable for almost everyone.



Sock Aid

Bending down to put on socks or stockings can be difficult for people with mobility issues, poor balance or inflexible joints. A sock aid is a clever device to aid in getting dressed. Simply slip a sock or stocking over the plastic frame, slip your foot inside and use the attached straps to pull into place.


What our customers say:

“Great for my husband as he has both hips and both knees replaced.” – Joy Banyard



Bath & Shower Mats

People with mobility issues can be more prone to slips and falls, particularly in wet areas like the bath and shower. These bath and shower mats are easily applied to the floor and help to make this area less slippery.

The rubber mats feature sturdy suction cups on the underside to attach firmly to smooth, flat surfaces. To clean, simply wipe down with a cloth to remove soap buildup or throw it into the washing machine with your towels.



Aspire Overbed Table - Laminate Flat Top

For people who need to spend extended periods of time in bed, keeping occupied is so important to reduce boredom and frustration. The Aspire Overbed Table provides a sturdy surface for all kinds of activities, from reading, writing and using electronic devices, to playing card games and, of course, eating.

The C base shape means the table slips easily under the bed, bringing the tabletop closer to the individual. And the sturdy casters make it easy to wheel in and out of place as needed.


What our customers say:

“Not only handy by my bed but in the living room as well.” – Ann Berg



Aspire Over Toilet Aid

With its sturdy aluminium frame and raised armrests, the Aspire Over Toilet Aid provides support while getting on and off the toilet. Non-slip feet and a height-adjustable frame make this suitable for use in all sorts of situations. The non-slip feet are designed for wet areas, while the clip-on moulded seat and splash guard make for easy cleaning.



Caring Cutlery

Caring Cutlery is specially designed for people with arthritis or weakness in the hand and wrist, who may find holding regular cutlery difficult, if not painful. The contoured handles fit in the hand and are easier to grip and maneuver. The range includes knives, forks, and dessert spoons along with right-handed angled spoons to minimise wrist movement.



Aspire Classic Bedside Commode

These bedside commodes look like a standard armchair but they feature an easily accessible commode under the seat. They’re designed for use in the bedroom in situations where someone may find it difficult to get to the toilet.

The padded back and seat provide a comfortable place to sit when not in use, while the armrests offer stability when getting on and off the commode. Made with a wipe-clean vinyl and aluminium frame, this is a practical option for at-home care and recovery.


What our customers say:

“This bedside commode is perfect. I purchased it for my mum on return from rehab with a broken hip. Next to her bed at nighttime for easy access and looks great during the day. Nice looking, comfortable chair for daytime sitting as well.” – Leanne Gardiner