Top 4 Portable Mobility Scooters for 2022

With a lightweight design and features that allow them to fold up or come apart for transport, portable mobility scooters are great for both travel and daily use.

Portable mobility scooters are primarily designed for use inside on even terrain, such as the home, hotels, and shopping centres. They can also be used for shorter trips outside on smooth, flat surfaces such as pavements and open air tourist attractions.

The smaller battery size means these portable mobility scooters aren’t going to go the distance compared to larger models. But you can still get a surprising amount of distance from a single charge – up to 20km among our best portable mobility scooters reviewed below.

Manoeuvrability is also a key feature of portable mobility scooters. A smaller turning circle and easy handling makes it ideal for use at home, in cafes or anywhere that presents a tight space.

All of the portable mobility scooters in our list can be folded down or taken apart for transport and storage. Small enough to fit in the boot of a car or check in luggage when flying, and easy to store when not in use.

If you’re looking to buy a portable mobility scooter, we’ve compared the best options to help you work out which one is right for you.


Aspire Mini Manual Folding Mobility Scooter

The Aspire Mini Manual Folding Mobility Scooter is a four-wheel mobility scooter that delivers the features of a standard mobility scooter  with the ability to pack down for travel. Fold it down using the manual hand lever for transport and storage; the single action makes it quick to get moving again.

With a 20km maximum range and an impressive max speed of 8km/hr, the Aspire Mini Manual Folding Mobility Scooter packs a lot into a small size.

The second lightest portable mobility scooter in our list and approved for air travel, this is an ideal mobility scooter for your active lifestyle.

Top features:

  • Folds up in one piece to fit in a car boot

  • 20km maximum range on a single charge

  • Fast charging Lithium Ion battery

  • Total weight of 30kg including the battery


Best for:

A handy mobility scooter for quick trips such as running errands or catching up with friends as it’s easy to fold down and set up. Sleek and streamlined, you’ll look great when out and about.

Pride Sonic Mobility Scooter

The Pride Sonic Mobility Scooter is the best choice for people looking for a robust and portable mobility scooter. Fully assembled, it performs just as well as a small standard scooter, with a range of up to 20km and a generous 136kg safe working load to suit a range of users.

The Pride Sonic mobility scooter can be quickly dismantled into five pieces without the use of any tools. This makes it convenient to transport and store as each individual piece is easier to handle.

Top features:

  • Dismantles quickly into 5 pieces for transport and travel

  • Max range of 20km on a single charge

  • Puncture-proof tyres to keep you moving


Best for:

Durable design that offers a sturdy feel and smooth ride while also being easy to transport when disassembled, this mobility scooter is a great choice for an active lifestyle.


Boot Scooter Superlite

The Aspire Boot Scooter Superlite is one of the best travel mobility scooters around with it’s streamlined design and exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

One of the lightest mobility scooters out there, the Boot Scooter Superlite weighs just 34kg when fully assembled. But what really sets this scooter apart is its ability to dismantle into six pieces – with the heaviest weighing just 10.7kg – making it ideal for travel.

Top features:

  • One of the lightest mobility scooters at just 34kg

  • Dismantles into 6 pieces for transport

  • Regenerative braking system helps extend your range

  • Maximum range of 14.4km

  • Front basket keeps essential items where you need them

  • Easy-to-use tiller handle navigates tight spaces


Best for:

Weighing in at just 34kg with the ability to dismantle into six light pieces, this is the ideal scooter for travel.


Quest Folding Mobility Scooter

Streamlined and compact, the Quest Folding Mobility Scooter is suited to an active lifestyle. With its unique folding action, this scooter packs down in three simple steps to be stored in a boot or cupboard. Even better, the whole unit weighs just 23.5kg with the battery removed, making it easy to transport.

It’s not just it’s compact size that makes the Quest Folding Mobility Scooter one of our top picks. This travel scooter offers a comfortable ride indoors or out, with a maximum range of up to 20km per charge. A small footprint and easy handling make this ideal for crowded indoor spaces, like shopping centres and tourist attractions.

Top features:

  • Weighs only 23.5kg with the battery removed

  • Runs on a rechargeable Lithium battery

  • Folds down into a compact size for transport and storage

  • Maximum range of 20km

  • Articulated tiller handle delivers great manoeuvring power


Best for:

The incredibly sleek design and ability to fold down into a suitcase-sized piece makes this the ideal companion for planes, hotels and cruise ships.


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