Aspire Pace Walking Tutor

Key Features

The Aspire Pace Walking Tutor is designed to support balance and stability while helping the user to walk with an upright gait. This unique aid is ideal for individuals with limited hand and wrist strength as lower arm supports allow them to bear upper body weight comfortably and confidently.

  • Comfortable Handles and Lower Arm Supports Ergonomic Handles: Ergonomic Handles with Brakes Depth and angle adjustable to ensure optimum comfort and accessibility to brakes and handles for control and support.
  • Height-Adjustable Design: The soft padded lower arm support platform (including brakes & handles) has lever activated height adjustment to achieve the optimum height for the individual at any time, and to adjust as needs change. Includes gas assisted raise and lockable height setting once adjusted.
  • Efficient Braking System: Ensures reliable performance while providing intuitive rear-wheel control, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Swivel Castors: All castors are total locking to ensure the tutor can remain safely stationary and stable when required.

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