Aspire Montana HD Lift Recliner Chair

Key Features

  • True Bariatric Seating Solution: 254kg and 450kg options available
  • Dual Action: Unlike the standard Montana which is a single action, this chair is available in a dual action configuration with independent control of the back, leg rest, and lift movements
  • Interchangeable Backrests: Three configurations that can easily be changed due to their velcro fastening with standard (pictured), waterfall, and reinforced lateral support
  • Custom Sizing: Capability to offer clients a custom-sized lift chair with the ability to specify the seat width, depth, height and armrest height. This option is available via the custom order form
  • Head Cushion: Included as standard (if chosen) for extra comfort and support
  • Waterfall and Immersion Backrests are custom and need to be ordered
  • Legrest capacity
    • Montana HD (CHP227405): 160 kg
    • Montana HD450 (CHP227410): 140 kg


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