Great commode and fast delivery. Reasonable price. Delivery expensive but prompt. - ASPIRE DELUXE BEDSIDE COMMODE


I bought the Jadco Calendar clock for my dad, as he used to tick the days off on his wall calendar, then as his memory got worse, he could not recall if he had ticked it or not! He LOVES this clock as it helps reassure him about what day it is, and helps re-orient him when he knows people are coming in to help Mon, Wed, and Friday but he cant recall which day TODAY is. Worth every cent. I know it might seem expensive but there is no price you can put on peace of mind.


xThis product is great. A very good height for me, lightweight to carry and easy to setup and use. Will definitely look at this seller again, in the future, if I am looking for other aides. Thank You. - WALKING STICK WITH FOLDING SEAT

Christine Holley

This is a basic "get-you-around" scooter, but does everything it is intended to do. Easy to move around, with good accessibility to charging port and seat adjustments. It is a smart looking machine too. One overkill, or underkill, however you look at it, is the addition of a front light, but NO rear light. For my application, a rear light would be useful. Apart from that, the front LED light is more than adequately bright for night time illumination. So far, the Sonic Pride has fulfilled my expectations. - PRIDE SONIC MOBILITY SCOOTER


An excellent sturdy reacher, that I use frequently and continue to find more activities/chores that it assists me with. I even take it with me to bed, as it’s wonderful for pulling bed linen up and down and reaching for objects without dangerously over stretching. I particularly appreciate the non-slip claw, it’s solid construction and the ease of using the trigger.

Judi Tibbles

Any one that has a difficult time reaching their feet and likes to stay independent this Sock > Stocking applicator is a great invention for putting your socks on, Highly recommend this for a great investment. - Dorking Stocking Aid


Great comfy hand grip which is much easier to use than the "standard" straight hand grip. Just don't do what I did originally. I'm right handed, so purchased the "right hand" stick, but of course, as soon as I went to use it I realised I needed it for my left hand (as my right leg is injured) lol. Very helpful staff allowed me to exchange without issue. - WALKING STICK WITH PALM GRIP


Product was easy to order, arrived in mint condition & was as described - STANDARD REACHER

Barbara Sexton

Excellent my dad absolutely loves this to get around his house very handy - ASPIRE MEAL TROLLEY


Fantastic gets me everywhere. - PRIDE GOGO BOOT SCOOTER

Rod Burgess

Lightweight and manoeuvrable a little awkward to fold Narrow enough to fit NSW public transit bus aisles but does jam in the older models. - ASPIRE DELUXE SEAT WALKER


Easy foldable wheelchair & not too heavy to manage. - APIRE LITE TRANSIT WHEELCHAIR

Idalina Frade

Very light weight and folds up compactly. Easy to move in and out of car. The only thing is it is quite expensive. - ASPIRE VOGUE CARBON SEAT WALKER


We purchased 2 large and 2small bowls. They are perfect for our needs. I really like the light colour also. - MANOY PLATE


Good Service, happy with the product - IGO POWER WHEELCHAIR

Peter Nordstrom

I purchased the Aspire walker on recommendation of the physio at Caulfield Rehab Melbourne Victoria December 2018. Initially I thought that $Au600 was too expensive in respect of a walker when you could obtain an inferior aluminium basket Walker for under $Au200. I have used both vehicles in hospital and at home and the Aspire Walker is superior in the following aspects. 1. Lighter weight and carbon fibre construction in comparison to aluminium. 2. It folds up like a deck chair in seconds by pulling on the handle on the seat without having to remove the metal basket and then clips together with a red button. 3. Once it it is folded it is possible to place the Walker on the back seat or in the space in the back seat of the taxi or motor vehicle without having to use the motor vehicle boot. 4. The wheels and the construction of The Walker allow it to turn 360 degrees in its own length without running over your feet. 4. It is much lighter unit and is able to be picked up by one hand assuming the carry bag is empty. 5. When it is folded it effectively seals up the carry bag so your precious possessions such as phone, keys do not fall out. 6. I have received a number of favourable comments about the appearance of the Walker saying that it looks very smart and modern. 7. I am 6ft / 187cm and the handle height is easily adjustable to suit me by two tap handles in seconds. 8. The braking system is very efficient and brakes and also locks the back wheels with a very efficient sleeve system in direct contact with the back wheels. 9. All the fittings on the Walker appear to be of High Quality construction and the seat is rated to 130 kg. 10. Surprisingly the wheels appear to be constructed of a lightweight plastic aluminium look-a-like to reduce weight and the solid rubber slick tyres for maximum grip. 11. At the date of this review I have used the Walker for approximately 1 month including journeys to the shops of up to 1 km. For bulk grocery shopping I use Woolworths online and home delivery. 12. If you can afford the additional expenditure I would recommend this particular Walker.

Linton Broomhall

Working well. I had to put under from the side as there was a bar at bottom of bed that prevented it going under the bottom but works well from side & goes up & down with the knee raise function - ASPIRE BED CRADLE


The Go Go Boot Scooter is a perfect mode of transport for the person looking to get around whilst shopping, it is very easy to go up and down aisle etc. The normal size Gopher is ideal for the locals shops but away from home I could not survive without my Go Go Boot Scooter. It is very simple to take apart and reassemble at the shops.

Robert Pert

Love this scooter, so easy to use and assembles in minutes. Fits in the back of a Mazda CX3. We have modified the seat with a bracket to lift it up another 42mm, and back 75mm to give more leg room. Excellent value for money.


I love my scooter its so easy to put together and it fits in a boot of a car . Absolutely love the freedom it gives me ...I cant recommend this product more