I recently purchased a wheel chair on line, service was great delivered on time, delivery man was lovely. It was a pleasure to deal with a company that answered your questions on line and were so helpful. Would recommend this company to all my friends, Thanks HQ.

Cheryl Shalders

Marie was very helpful in helping with my order, with out her the order would not come to past, I got it the very next day after I order it, its was just what I need, and Thankyou again Marie

John Vaughan

I purchased a ROHO cushion and was very pleased with the service I received. The cushion was as described in the advertisement, arrived on time and I received a phone call before delivery to let me know the delivery was to be delivered the next day and the approximate time. a fantastic service over and above many other companies.

Wendy-Gai Ashby

Ordered a bath board and push-on shower head online. Fast delivery and fabulous customer service when I called with a query. Great products, do the trick and are sturdy. Would definitely order from them again.


A perching stool was recommended to me and I phoned Aidacare who were very helpful and I got my chair within a couple of days.

Debby Hannaway

I bought this walker back in December, and have been getting great use out of it. Details were scant online about it when I was researching, but once I tried it out I was sold. I’m fairly tall, and was the only walker I tried that made me feel supported and not slouching. I can’t put too much weight through my wrists, due to chronic dislocations, but find forearm options such as this work very well in supporting me without causing further pain. It’s modern and cool looking enough for me not to feel self conscious using it as a person under 30, which is always a bonus for any mobility aid. I find it works very well on footpaths and grass, though if there are large cracks it can jolt quite a bit. It is manageable for me on travelators, but too big for escalators. Getting it off a travelator is a bit bumpy as well, but workable if you have some upper body strength. It is around 9 kilos, so not extremely light, but light enough for me to manage. It feels sturdy and supportive, not flimsy or as if it could roll away from you. The turning circle is surprisingly small, one of my favourite things about it! So easy to navigate turning in a lift or tight supermarket aisle. It helps you to keep good posture while you use it as well, if you have the props set at the right height for you. The biggest con for this walker, for me, is that it has limited ability to fold. I have a small car, so to fit it in I need to lower one back seat. You can slide the forearm props down to make it shorter, and it folds sideways, but that is all. It’s rather bulky due to this, and that size may be a problem for some people. Also, due to the forearm props, the seat is not super comfortable to sit in, and larger people may indeed find it impossible to fit. For reference, I am a woman’s size 16 and tall, and can fit in the seat, but it isn’t roomy for me. Overall, this is a great mobility aid and works really well for me. I’d love it even more if it could fold up smaller, but it is manageable as is in the space I have. Totally recommend this! - ASPIRE VOGUE FOREARM WALKER

B. Gleeson

Pride Celebrity 4X Scooter - The best thing I’ve bought for myself. I have severe anxiety as well as physical problems, I tend to stay indoors unless I have to go somewhere but since getting my scooter I’m out and about sometimes I go around the block just to have the cool breeze on my face. I travelled on the train for the first time and it was great the conductors were really helpful. The scooter is comfortable, I can slow it down easily or speed it up. My walking stick fits in the stick holder and though I tend not to put too much in the bag at the back it still holds a lot.

Mary Dalrymple

This is a fantastic item. Everyone should have one of these in their kitchen drawer. Works brilliantly. Delivery was very quick. Great communication from the sales team. We would purchase these items again. - ONE TOUCH AUTOMATIC JAR OPENER


I purchased day I go folding power chair about three weeks ago and I am so grateful because it is everything that I would thought it would be it is so easy to use and to fold up and put it in the boot of the car.

Clifton Bishop-Kinlyside

Product came quickly with no damage. Highly recommended and if need be, will buy other products from them. PS: their pricing was very reasonable too.


I have this tray extremely handy, not just for food, but I sit and peel vegetables, use it as a craft tray, and I am extremely happy with this product. - ASPIRE MOBILITY MEAL TRAY WALKER


Excellent, very good product. - ASPIRE VOGUE INDOOR WALKER

Kaz Biegala

We recently purchased this walker on behalf of my 96 year old father. He finds it sturdy and reliable, giving him confidence in getting around, enhancing his independence and decreasing the possibility of falling. He had previously had another walker but the brakes were not working properly. Staff at Aidacare Brunswick were exemplary. They had the new walker supplied, checked and ready for us within a couple of hours. - ASPIRE CLASSIC 8" SEAT WALKER

Viv Jackson

This is a wonderful product, easy to use, adjustable, and so much easier to turn in bed without assistance. - BED POLE WITH ADJUSTABLE CROOK HANDLE


This chair has been a great buy for me. - ASPIRE SIGNATURE LIFT RECLINE CHAIR


As described good quality. - BED POLE WITH ADJUSTABLE CROOK HANDLE

Victoria Norton

Bought one of these last year and I’m about to buy another. My son is now able to feed himself using a spoon and with out mess. My only complaint is how expensive they are. Otherwise I’d of already bought more. - MANOY PLATE


The knee scooter is great if your need to scoot around even surfaces indoor however outdoors it’s really heavy and struggles to go over bumps. Mobility HQ however were great and provided really good service even delivering the scooter to my home when they had trouble sourcing it

Lauren Moloney

Purchased Over Toilet Aid - Treated Steel, for my aunt. Happy with product and service.

Cheryl Swain

We got this for mum, 86 yo who was confined to home in a retirement village. She now can get outside , meet people, go to the office, pool or hairdresser on her own in the village. My brother can load it into the car for trips to the shops, it has transformed her life. She has badly arthritic hands which meant she couldn't use a golfer but the mobility scooter has an easy toggle handle which is easy to move. -iGo Folding Power Wheelchair

Dawn Pearce