Wireless Temperature Sensor

Key Features

Many prescription medications are temperature-sensitive and lose their effectiveness if stored outside their optimal temperature range. The Glucology Smart Sensor can be placed with your medications and will continuously measure the temperature of your medications, sending you an alert if it gets too hot or cold. The sensor is compact, travel-friendly, and easy to use. Move stress-free knowing that your medication and insulin are at a safe temperature. Simply keep the sensor in your bag/carry case along with your insulin medication. The GlucoMedi Sensor app will show you the current and updated temperature and will send you an alert when the optimal temperature range that you’ve inputted has been exceeded. Travel safely knowing your sensor will alert you if the temperature exceeds the limit you’ve set.

The thermometer is placed with your medications, continuously measures temperature and communicates with your phone through the app.

  • Real-time temperature monitoring for insulin and medication
  • Push notifications to alert you when the temperature exceeds the limit of your inputted value
  • Add multiple medications to one user on the app with different preferences
  • Customise optimal temperature for your preferences and product recommendations
  • Charts and graphs of the displayed readings and history
  • Save and export data from the app to pdf files