Tabtimer Super 8 Daily Pill Box, Timer & Reminder

Key Features

Tab Time Super 8 is one of the most effective and efficient daily pill timer and medication reminder on the world market. TabTime Super 8 - Set it and forget it!

  • 8 Pill compartment design with up-to 8 alarms per day.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Can be set at exact times when reminders are due.
  • Countdown timer can be used for regular doses (up to 99 hours 59 mins).
  • Alarm sounds for 40 seconds when reminder time arrives.
  • LED light on lid continues to flash until opened indicating 'missed dose'.
  • Trigger switch stops alarm/flashing once device is opened to take pills.
  • Easy open magnetic catch for weak or shaky hands.
  • Adjustable 'Hi/Lo' Volume (Volume level approx 45-55db).
  • 3 extra large control buttons.
  • Large display screen with clear figures.
  • 3 bar battery strength indicator.
  • Easy access battery compartment for easy replacement.
  • Clock with 24 hour display function (military style).
  • 1 x ""CR2032"" Size battery included.
  • Compartment Dimensions : 25 x 25 x 13mm.
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