NeuroFlex Restorative Foot Ease - Small

Key Features

Helps maintain neutral alignment of the foot and to relieve pressure on the heel

  • Anti-rotation bar prevents rolling of the patient’s leg and can be stored inside the padding if not needed.
  • Dorsiflexion assist (flex) straps aid in the proper alignment of the foot and adjustable tension helps to control plantar flexion.
  • High-temperature plastic base can be remolded by your health professional to continue the restorative process as the patient improves.
  • Non-slip sole allows brief standing and walking.
  • Padding provides comfort and redistributes skin pressure.
  • Open heel allows full floatation, reducing risks of pressure ulcers.
  • Flex Technology splint moves with the patient’s abnormal muscle tone and spasticity for comfort and helps to relax the tone.

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