Cushion - Promedicare Domino - 10 x 12in w/ AX cover

Key Features

  • Designed for clients who need higher positioning support or those with leg length discrepancies and fixed or flexible deformities. Suitable for high-pressure risk clients especially those with no lateral/posterior/medial pelvis control.
  • Modular design gives this cushion the ability to change with clients needs.
  • Perfect fit created individually by use of modular inserts.
  • Deep medial and pelvic guides create pelvic containment to stabilize the pelvis and suspend the Ischial—Trocantheric—Coccyxgeal—Sacral regions.
  • High level of customizable positioning support. Layered Visco Elastic Foam ensures high comfort and good skin protection.
  • Cushion Cover included

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