Aspire ComfiMotion LUXE Adjustable Bed

Key Features

Supporting the modern, independent lifestyle. The Luxe Adjustable bed embodies style, function and comfort. Multi-positional settings, invigorating massage and USB connectivity allow you to unwind and recharge - Life just became a little more LUXE.

  • Massage: Relaxing vibration modes for personalised neck, shoulder and back relief.
  • Personalised Positioning: Hand control allows users to find their perfect position to maximise comfort and relaxation.
  • Night Assist: luminous underbed halo for safe entry and exit throughout the night.
  • Box-on-box design facilitates easier entry and exit and allows true flush positioning of beds in companion or dual adjustable bed configurations.
  • USB Charge: Connect and charge your devices conveniently.
  • German engineered motors for smooth, quiet adjustment.

Five electric profiling functions to suit all comfort and positioning needs:

  • Hi-Lo: Assists with bed entry and exit by raising the mattress surface to the ideal height.
  • Head Tilt: Relaxes neck muscles, providing optimal support whilst reading or watching TV.
  • Back Raise: Improves postural support and can ease symptoms of reflux, respiratory conditions, snoring and sleep apnoea.
  • Leg Raise: Promotes circulation, relieving tired, swollen and/or painful limbs.
  • Zero Gravity: Helps to relax the circulatory system and muscles of the lower back, in one touch.
  • Memory Function: Allows the user to set and return to their preferred positions at any time with one click of a button.

*Mattress & Headboard not included

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